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Parenting in today’s world

An educational group that teaches you how to roll with the punches and parent with success

Parenting is challenging, and in the age of COVID-19, parenting has become even more difficult. Parents need a place to turn for professional advice and assistance, and Shoutout™ provides that with Parenting in Today’s World.

The Shoutout™ Parenting in Today’s World educational group helps parents strengthen their positive coping skills and teaches skills to help support raising emotionally healthy children. With this group you will also benefit from joining a community of supportive parents working towards shared goals.

Shoutout™ is an easy-to-use digital health platform that connects you to a world of support and education. Our experienced therapists and a community of supportive peers will help you and your children maintain better mental and physical health so you can live your best lives. As a parent, you’ll lean into this community of parents dealing with similar situations.

In Shoutout’s four-week, online Parenting in Today’s World educational group, you will learn how to:

  • Work through both the successes and stressors of parenting
  • Boost your relationship with your child(ren) as you navigate through tough discussions and situations involving social media, substance use, school, socializing and friends, and age-appropriate goals
  • Become closer with your family as you build your parental resilience and show up for your kids through challenging and exciting adolescent developmental stages
  • Build parental confidence in how to parent in a loving, positive way

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Program Details

  • Who’s It For:  Parents with children under the age of 18
  • Length:  4 weeks
  • Dates:  New groups start the first Wednesday of each month
  • Day & Time:  Wednesdays weekly 7 pm – 8 pm EST
  • Cost:  $200 total cost

Wendy Elliott, MFT


Wendy earned her master’s degree at Drexel University in Family Therapy and is a Family Specialist. During her schooling, she completed her master’s level internships in School Based Mental Health/Family Therapy and Family Therapy. Wendy’s interest in teaching, food, and sustainable agriculture influences her philosophy of therapy. She believes that life is being lived in the here and now. Clients that engage in therapy don’t need to wait until life is “better” or “changed”, to live their lives in a meaningful way. A person’s life is created through relationships built and maintained every minute of every day. Change occurs in the midst of these relationships and those life experiences. Giving hope for the PRESENT is paramount to her work.

Gwenn Swift, MFT


Gwenn is a Family Specialist, working with couples and families in recovery from substance use in the Inpatient and Digital settings at Recovery Centers of America. Gwenn earned her master’s degree in Couple and Family Therapy from Drexel University. She also completed a training with the Opioid Workforce Expansion Program. During her master’s, she completed an internship at RCA working in the women’s trauma program, mature women’s program, and young adult program. Gwenn believes that authentic connection and engaging, healthy life experiences are essential for families. She hopes to create a space that demonstrates the value of family work in recovery.

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Help improve your parenting skills and better communicate with your kid(s). Connect with our experts to get started with Shoutout’s Parenting in Today’s World online coaching group!

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Keep the momentum going

Support doesn’t stop once this 4-week group is complete. You’ll have the opportunity to stick with your therapist through our continued family coaching services. Available at an additional cost, these services keep you connected with your therapist, allowing your journey of healing and growth to continue.