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Our Story

We are a community of clinicians and team members dedicated to connecting, inspiring and educating people around the world on the topic of mental health. Our first-hand knowledge of the devastation mental health illness can bring individuals, families and communities is our driving force. Shoutout™, brought to you by Recovery Centers of America, aims to eliminate the stigma associated with sharing the need for mental health services as well as barriers to receiving help. By providing support, education and comradery 24/7 within a community of mental health professionals and peers, no one has to be alone.

Our logo embodies the strength found when people of all walks of life come together to support and celebrate each other in a caring community.

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Our Mission
To provide affordable and accessible mental health and substance abuse treatment and support.
Our Vision
To create a superior digital health platform of support, community and expert care for all people’s mental and physical health anywhere, anytime.
Our Principles
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