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What is Shoutout™?

Shoutout™ is a team of therapists, coaches, and experts treating addiction, mental illness, sleep issues, and more. The Shoutout™ digital health platform provides you with expert care and the convenience of being wherever you need us.

How do I know if Shoutout™ is right for me?

There’s mental and physical freedom on the other side of addiction, mental illness, and sleep issues – and Shoutout™ can help you get there. Our experts give you the support, education, and tools needed to live a happy, healthy life. The best part? You can download the Shoutout™ mobile app right now. Start healing today.

How can I get started with Shoutout™?

Download Shoutout™ or call 855-408-1050 to get started right now! Depending on your needs, we will provide an assessment to determine the best care for you.

What’s the relationship between Shoutout™ and RCA?

As a leading provider for drug and alcohol addiction treatment, Recovery Centers of America has helped tens of thousands of people achieve, maintain, and enhance their recovery. Shoutout™ is RCA’s digital health platform to deliver RCA’s expert care online and at the click of a button.

How will I communicate with my therapist?

You can directly message your therapist in the Shoutout™ app. Your individual and group appointments will be held via Zoom and are scheduled in advance. All communication is hosted within Shoutout™.

Does Shoutout™ protect my privacy?

Yes, your privacy will be protected with Shoutout™. Shoutout uses HIPAA and HITECH compliant technology. The default settings in Shoutout protect your name and personal information from view by other Shoutout users. Unless you change the default settings yourself or otherwise disclose your personal information, it will remain private. Shoutout™ is password protected and has two-factor authentication, which is an added step to the log-in process to protect access to your private information.

Does Shoutout™ take the place of face-to-face therapy?

Most RCA facilities still offer in-person individual and group appointments, as well as a hybrid option of in-person and virtual. You can work with your therapist when/if you would like in-person appointments.

Can I stay anonymous?

An assessment is conducted to ensure Shoutout™ is the right level of care for you. During this assessment, personal information will be collected; however, this information is secure and completely confidential.

When you sign up for Shoutout™, you decide how much information you want visible on your profile. You do not have to share your full name, address, or picture.

What is the Shoutout™ Code of Conduct?

Our aim with a Code of Conduct is not to dictate behavior but to preserve the spirit with which we see this community at its best. We seek to use this forum to promote community and fellowship – two pillars that are pivotal as you progress through your treatment and out into the greater community to establish and grow your own recovery. The following considerations are not meant to function as a comprehensive list. These items should serve as guideposts to consider when engaging on the Shoutout community forum.