Family Services

Help and healing for families

My name is Trish Caldwell, and I am the Vice President of Family Services at Shoutout™. I am here to answer any and all questions families and loved ones have. I use my 27+ years of experience to provide your child, your teen, yourself, or your larger family with the education, support, and peace of mind needed to begin healing. Healing takes all different shapes and forms – I will help you tackle all family related topics around marriage, addiction and recovery.

We are Here for you

Shoutout™ is dedicated to providing you and your loved one the education and support you need. Learn more about our mission and why we care in this video featuring Trish Caldwell.

Family Psychology Education Groups Offered

Shoutout™ offers educational groups to help families heal and thrive, from providing support for teenagers of parents with substance use disorder and siblings of those with substance use disorder, to  strengthening couples’ relationships.

Our masters level marriage and family therapists are located in Pennsylvania.