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Families Impacted by Addiction

An educational group for loved ones impacted by addiction

When someone in your life – a parent, a child, a grandparent, or loved one – suffers from addiction, you suffer, too. Whether your loved one still has an active addiction or is in recovery, it’s hard to overcome the damage the addiction has caused. Addiction brings feelings of chaos, resentment, shame, lack of trust, anger and secrecy into the family, and you need a space to understand how addiction has shaped how you approach situations and relationships, and ultimately, how you live your life.

Shoutout’s Families Impacted by Addiction group explores how you can start moving away from addiction’s damaging, lasting effects. We will discuss how to speak to a loved one – whether they still have an addiction or are in recovery – about your fears and concerns and learn ways to support your own healing while helping to break the cycle of family addiction.

Shoutout™ is an easy-to-use digital health platform that connects you to a world of support and education. Our master’s level therapists, coaches, educators, and supportive peers will help with boundaries, communication, and so much more.

With Shoutout’s four-week, online Families Impacted by Addiction educational group, you will learn how to:

  • Understand how addiction has impacted your family as a whole and learn how to shift those behaviors to break the family cycle of addiction
  • Challenge the notion of “enabling and codependency”
  • Dismantle the shame of loving your family member in the ways you have learned to love them
  • Manage the opinions of others who think you are “doing it wrong” and tell you how you “should” be doing things
  • Learn alternative ways to “love” the person where you don’t have to lose yourself

You will also receive a sense of community and support unlike any other with this educational group. Your peers will support you, offer encouraging words, share similar experiences, and grow on this journey with you.

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Program Details

  • Who’s It For:  Families impacted by substance use
  • Length:  4 weeks
  • Dates:  New groups start the first Tuesday of each month
  • Day & Time:  Tuesdays weekly 6 pm – 7 pm EST
  • Cost:  $200 total cost

Wendy Elliott, MFT


Wendy is a Family Specialist in the inpatient and digital mental health departments at Recovery Centers of America. She earned her Master’s degree at Drexel University in Family Therapy with an additional certificate from the Opioid Workforce Expansion Program, Interdisciplinary training initiative. This training helped prepare Wendy to engage with families impacted by opioid and other substance use disorders in a therapeutic context. During her schooling, she completed her Master’s level internships in School Based Mental Health/Family Therapy and Family Therapy in inpatient substance use settings.

Gwenn Swift, MFT


Gwenn is a Family Specialist, working with couples and families in recovery from substance use in the Inpatient and Digital settings at Recovery Centers of America. Gwenn earned her Master’s degree in Couple and Family Therapy from Drexel University. She also completed a training with the Opioid Workforce Expansion Program. During her Master’s, she completed an internship at RCA working in the women’s trauma program, mature women’s program, and young adult program. Gwenn believes that authentic connection and engaging, healthy life experiences are essential for families. She hopes to create a space that demonstrates the value of family work in recovery.


Shoutout’s Families Impacted by Addiction Group is a great resource for bringing some understanding and normalcy back into relationships which have been impacted by crisis.

Cory A.

I am very glad that I signed up for this program. Gwenn was a kind, calm, and patient facilitator. I left feeling like I gained a greater understanding, tools, and insight into how to help myself and my family. I also felt well supported by the other families in the group.

Anonymous (sister of a loved one in active use)

I am the mother of a 39 yr old successful, daughter with 2 small children who recently completed the inpatient RCA treatment program. She is currently active in the IOP program and doing the best that she can. Through this program I was connected to the Shoutout program for Families of those dealing with Addiction. The program is held via telemeeting for one hour over a period of 4 weeks. I appreciated the interaction between the family therapist Gwen and the other group participants. The meeting space feels safe and professional. I also believe taking this first step as a loved one, will enlighten everyone that your not alone along this journey. I really appreciated the course and recommend it to those in families feeling lost and alone regarding where to turn next. When faced with addiction and the helplessness of unhealthy behaviors, RCA is there to offer multiple resources for additional family education, support groups and one on one family coaching.

Marie B.

I would rate you (therapist) and the class all 5/5. The sessions were insightful and helpful and gave us guidance and tools we can use. Thank you.

Pamela S.

I have been in a few different counseling sessions concerning my loved one’s addiction struggles. It was nice to participate in this session presented by Gwenn Swift of RCA as she would validate after someone shared by using the professional language of active addictions, recovery, etc.

JoEllen A.

I think this counseling experience with Gwenn Swift of Recovery Centers of America was well presented and gave me a lot of information that I needed reinforced.

Charlie A.

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Help your family navigate through this difficult time as you continue to grow in your recovery. Connect with our experts to get started with Shoutout’s Families Impacted by Addiction educational group!

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Keep the momentum going

Support doesn’t stop once this 4-week group is complete. You’ll have the opportunity to stick with your therapist through our continued family coaching services. Available at an additional cost, these services keep you connected with your therapist, allowing your journey of healing and growth to continue.